Маруша Войчех

Маруша Войчех

Маруша Войчех


Wojciech Marusza is an alumnus of Warsaw Medical University who holds MD-PhD and specialises in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, with the focus on Aesthetic Medicine for the last 15 years.

He is an author a co-author, and a reviewer of articles in the field of complications in Aesthetic and General Medicine in international journals.

He has been a participant of numerous international conferences, seminars and courses on Aesthetic Medicine as well as a lecturer and a trainer in this field.

Since 2009 he has collaborated with the Department of Microbiology of Warsaw Medical University on the subject of complications after Hyaluronic Acid augmentation.

Since 2010 he has been involved in his own enterprise entitled Academy of Face Sculpturing which combines the insights of medical sciences and psychology with the art of sculpting, and has been certified by the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw which associates almost 30 000 doctors and dentists.

Website: www.drmarusza.pl