Dr. Maurizio Viel is permanently based at his Dubai clinic based in Dubai Healthcare City. He obtained his medical degree at the university of Milan, Italy, followed by residency of 5 years in the Department of Plastic and Maxillo Facial Surgery in the University Hospital of Monza and finished his studies in aesthetic plastic surgery in London, UK with a fellowship of 6 months with Dr. Nicolle, sponsored by ISAPS and IPRS.
He has been practicing in Harley Street , since 1990 and 2008 in Dubai at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf. For more than 25 years, Dr. Viel has been responsible for pioneering and introducing most of the plastic surgery procedures that are available today making them sought after not only by patients but by medical corporations to help train other surgeons and doctors globally.

For the last 20 years, Dr. Viel has been actively using Botolinum Toxin Type A and works closely with IPSEN and Galderma.

Dr. Viel was among the first surgeons to introduce into the market the highly demanded ultrasound VASER liposuction procedure used all over the world; and they also pioneered techniques for the penis enlargement and lengthening procedure in Europe and Middle East; and they have also been at the forefront of the breast augmentation procedures, lipo abdominoplasty and facial rejuvenation. Always striving to offer patients the best and the latest procedures but reducing downtime and discomfort, Dr. Viel always pushed boundaries for patient care but with the best possible natural results.

For the past three years, Dr. Maurizio Viel has been actively developing a new technique and treatment with the use of adult mesenchymal stem cell for facial rejuvenation and body reshaping.

Web-site: www.LCAS.ae